Utilities about air quality monitoring, environment and test equipment calibration

The goal of Fine Metrology Permeation is to reach good conditions for people's life and air quality. We are an Italian company exporting tools for air quality analysis and we love to be helpful to keep our planet a beautiful place to live. Here is a brief list of sites giving informations and service about environment, acoustic and air pollution:

- CNR – Consiglio Nazionale delle ricerche (Italy)
- EPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Commissione ambiente Europa (in Italian language, you can check yours)

Environmental Italian Office

Sicilian office for the protection of environment – ARPA Sicilia

Excellent U.K. Air quality monitoring archive

Magazine and marketplace on line about ecological ways to build - www.buildinggreen.com
- Industrial filters by NBC, Italy, for air quality control.

- Water treatment in Slovakia and Czech Republic


To suggest other interesting sites, please contact us.